Project Ideas & Categories

Your project and our talents are Wyld & Alive™

Outdoor & Action Videos

We shoot on location to capture scenery and action. Perfect for your recreation business, family getaway or vacation rental.

Travel & Destination Videos

Wyld brings excitement and interest to your travel destination. Experience and new perspective through video to generate interest.

Business & Industry Videos

Our videos get watched! Your brand gains exposure through captivating videos with ingenuity & enlightened post production editing.

People & Events

Capture that special someone or event with subtle nuances and bold features exposed. A hit as a keepsake or promotional feature.



Reach out to discuss your project's potential and learn more about what Wyld & Alive™ can do for you. Call or email Ryan Trask today and create "A Living Memory."


From capturing 4k video & HD Photos to drone footage, Wyld & Alive™ captures impactful shots and provides captivating post production editing.


Wyld & Alive™ can capture spectacular video showcasing your event, business, special someone, or even favorite travel location!